We attain.

We’re entrepreneurs, founders, and technologists that have built and scaled companies so we know what you need and how to deliver it.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 in Bangalore, the center of India's high tech industry, Attain has grown to serve a global client base of startups, early stage companies, and SMEs. Attain pipelines IT Services, Ad Ops, Space Management, and other specialized HR Services from its community of vetted industry professionals. We provide clients with staffing on-demand and offer quality, vetted talent through our trusted platform, with unparalleled visibility, efficiency, and performance. Our team brings an informed, creative, and experienced approach to your business in a way that's productive and cost-effective.

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The most innovative companies have 25% to 57% of their teams working remotely.
Teams with remote workers are 22% more successful in their initiatives compared to counterparts.
Source: Fast Company. Ideo Studied Innovation in 100+ Companies – Here’s What it Found.


Growth mindset
is in our blood

Love video games

Advanced degrees
from top tier

We are definitely resourceful and can figure stuff out

Love traveling

We are pilots,
not passengers

Love a challenge.
Bring it on!

More than 70%
have worked at
startups and know
how to quickly adapt
to fast paced

Clear concise
(and a few jokes here and there)

Happy socks

Top Talent

Attain finds and trains talent from all over the world. Our systems enable a diverse, distributed team to expand your teams’ capacity and capability and create the most impact.

We ensure you work with top talent offshore

"As a team having scaled many companies, we know how to hire, train, engage, and deliver - and we have applied that to all that what we do at Attain."

Vishal Tiwari, Director of Talent


Average savings per employee through Attain


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