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The best business, software and design solutions require a strong team. Attain Delivery Managers assemble teams of seasoned experts for your most urgent business needs.

Attain + You = Your Globally Local Team

Robust Management
From developing a common vision to a shared understanding of the goals and outcomes, we provide a comprehensive management framework to ensure success delivery.
Seasoned Account Managers
We provide experienced Account Managers to lead the engagement from start to finish, working in close coordination with you to deliver great products.
Dedicated Team
We shortlist and make the selection effortless to provide you with teams that are fully dedicated to your goals.
Fully Integrated in your Company
We focus on creating dynamic teams that will efficiently execute and seamlessly integrate into your company.
Attain's workspace solutions include virtual daily stand-ups, employee progress updates, and weekly check-ins with account managers.
Free up internal key resources
Augmentation and creation of dedicated teams allows your key resources to focus on growth drivers while still monitoring and controlling projects or operations.

High Performing Teams

Key SMEs
Teams with 10+ years experience on challenging projects
Global Experience
International experience with startups and Fortune 500 companies
Close productivity monitoring systems driving SLAs
Long-standing dedicated teams working as your own

Smart working

Cost Savings
Quality work that is affordable
Seamless experience akin to your own in-house team
Vast experience working with a unique distributed team structure
Low attrition
Robust working methodology allows us to achieve time to market and keep attrition low
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Beyond KPIs and SLAs...

True strategic partnership
Teams aligning with your long-term goals and aiming to win each time!
One team
Seamless integration and collaboration
Proactively adding ideas and innovating throughout the project cycle
Guaranteed satisfaction
Vast experience working with a unique distributed team structure
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As market conditions evolve, workplace agility, flexibility, and cost efficiencies are more critical than ever. Attain’s talent helps you access the skills you need while staying agile.  

Attain's Managed Services Program helps you achieve your goals while delivering cost savings and augmenting talent quality.

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